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🌼 Cowslip or Primula veris was once at risk of extinction, but is increasing in the wild. I’ve grown it in every garden I’ve owned, so I hope whoever bought the house after me appreciated this beautiful flower, even if they knew nothing of its medicinal properties.

🌼 Cowslip is a wonderful but gentle, relaxing sedative herb. It soothes the mind, easing tension and relieving the reaction to stress. It helps in anxiety states. It also helps you slip into a restful night’s sleep, ironing out the wrinkles of tension in your head.

🌼 And that is not all, It is an expectorant and can help soothe coughs. I find it particularly useful for people whose cough is worse at night and especially when they lie down.

🌼 A beautiful flower in the garden, brightening up a dull day, and catching sunlight on a sunny one. It’s easy to grow from seed, and will self-seed around the garden, giving you a wonderful carpet of delicate yellow flowers every spring, which is enough to lift anyone’s spirits. Back it up with bluebells, muscari and forget me nots and you will have a little piece of paradise. #stress #stressawarenessmonth #tension #insomnia #sleep #sleepaid #restfulsleep #restful #cough #coughremedy #coughrelief #garden #herbalist #herbalmedicine #medicalherbalist

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