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Is the rose my favourite flower?

If you were to visit my garden at the moment you would be forgiven for thinking that #roses 🌹are my favourite flower. You’d probably be right, although I think flowers are like children - you can’t have favourites. A friend recently asked me how many different roses I have - I’ve never counted them. I just know it takes a while to prune all of them. I probably spend more time looking after my roses than any other plants in my garden.

The results of that care make all the time and effort worthwhile. From late May until the end of September there are roses blooming in my garden, and the smell is amazing.

At the moment this is the view from my kitchen sink. This is the Alchymist rose and it smells every bit as wonderful as it looks. The view through my kitchen window has a wonderful effect. Seeing this first thing in the morning, sets me up for a good day. Did you know that just looking at images of nature, even if you are not outside can: 🌹Lower your stress levels

🌹Improve your mood

🌹Reduce depression

🌹Boost your immune system

So in answer to my friend’s question, how many different roses do I have? I had to go and count them. I was stunned to discover I have 22 different roses! Maybe they are my favourite flower. What do you think?

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