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Medicine made for you

Usually at each appointment you will take away enough medicine to last you until your next appointment. Occasionally you may need a herb that I do not keep in stock so I will order it and send it to you as soon as it arrives. This does not usually take more than 3 or 4 days. A typical prescription contains six or seven different herbs, each chosen for its range of actions. Creams, lotions or ointments may be prepared, if your condition warrants an external application - this usually applies to skin complaints but can often include conditions such as arthritis or shingles. Medicines are dispensed from my own dispensary. I do not use any animal or mineral materials in my prescriptions. My herbal medicines come as tinctures, teas, tablets and creams; none of them contain any animal products. They are usually organic or wildcrafted in an ecologically sensitive manner, and made from the whole plant, producing a naturally balanced medicine that is easy to take. No two patients are alike. Therefore, prescriptions are not pre-prepared. All prescriptions are prepared specifically for each individual following the consultation. Your medicine is made for your specific needs.

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